Weaving Textiles with Hector Dyer

A series of weaving workshops with Hector Dyer, an artist with a strong interest in contemporary weaving and heritage skills.

These workshops will explore the textile heritage of the Paisley Co-operative & Manufacturing Society. Participants will work to reimagine and create new works using a variety of textiles. This may include dyeing, hand-sewing, finishing and processing materials.

Participants will be given instructions on using looms, creating patterns, making textile works. Participants work will contribute to a group show within a small thematic exhibition.


Hector Dyer https://hectordyer.com/

I am a self-taught artist based in Glasgow whose work spans textiles, performance, and social engagement. My DIY process is an important part of my work. I like to show the thread and stitches that hold something together – I don’t try to hide the construction methods or cover up variations. My work is often soft and fragile, and I want this to be something you can feel and know. A lot of my work is based in collaboration with others, running workshops, and ongoing conversations.

I am interested in telling stories through textiles and the time involved in this kind of work. It has led to exploring the role of the body in this work and how our bodies can become viewed or compared to machines. I have recently been looking at the history of handloom weavers in Paisley – the disabilities they developed through their trade, the poverty they endured, and their struggle for equality and support.