The Maw Broon Monologues (2009)

A Glasgay! Commission and World Première in 2009

by Jackie Kay

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 3-8 November 2009

Director: Maggie Kinloch
Composer & MD: Tom Urie
Associate MD: Alan Penman
Choreographer: Rosina Bonsu
Designer: Robin Peoples

Maw Broon, in these hilarious and riotous monologues, is having a mid-life crisis and has lost her way. She goes in search of happiness, visits a therapist, tries colonic irrigation, goes Green, reads Tolstoy, goes on Britain’s Got Talent – she even meets Gordon Broon – but she’s still not happy.

In these funny, searching, politically astute monologues Scotland’s first woman, Maw Broon, receives a makeover for the twenty first century. As we follow her quest for happiness, her trials adventures and new discoveries, Maw Broon holds a mirror up to herself, and to us. Featuring a fabulous score specially written by Tom Urie, these monologues might also be called, Maw Broon: The Musical!


Terry Neason
Suzanne Bonnar
Tom Urie