Shoot The Sissy

Tue 7th March // 8.30pm
THE ART SCHOOL, 167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3

Gasp… Be amazed… Take aim… It’s a live target!

Nando Messias is back with a new work, Shoot the Sissy – his own disturbingly beautiful freak show, a queer menagerie of carnivalesque contortion and florid fantasy.

How many ways are there to shoot a Sissy? Confronting the everyday danger of death inherent in the queer condition, Messias pulls the audience into the firing line. In response to the shootings in Orlando, it is time to reflect on whether ‘queer lives matter’ too.

Following on from his national tour of acclaimed work The Sissy’s Progress, Messias invites you to witness secret insights into the murky depths of doubt, terror and dreams, bringing compulsive gazes closer to the bold fragility of his trademark body — a Sissy body.

Roll up, don’t be shy…. come Shoot the Sissy!

Part of STUCK ON YOU, a sticky strand of queer spectacles, at Take Me Somewhere 2017.

Programmed by a local gang of displaced queerdos, Stuck on You is a strand of performance, dancing and lovin’ within the festival – confronting continued violence on queer bodies and calling for collective action through fun, pleasure and rage.

STUCK ON YOU is co-produced by Outspoken Arts Scotland, Take Me Somewhere and associated artists.