Selectors Foreword

Rowena Comrie – Co-Chair (Art Paisley)

In this second edition of the BIG ART SHOW, it is thrilling to see the continued, indeed doubled, support from the artists of Paisley and beyond. This has shown the Art Paisley Ltd team that the public demand for a large-scale permanent art exhibition space in the centre of town, is a cultural pressing need for Paisley. The Art Paisley selection panel are delighted yet again by the submissions from diverse creative individuals, and we have selected just over 1,600 works from the 2,268 entries.

This year the art has been spread over two floors, as well as a new film & video space, offering a marvellous experience to the visitor. We extend an invitation in an unconventional environment to an exhibition of infinite variety and wonder, an unleashing of creative energy. It’s an inspirational experience to take part in this collective effort that has been enabled by Outspoken Arts and made possible by the efforts of the voluntary team who have arranged and hung the work.

Eòghann MacColl – Co-Chair (Art Paisley)

With the Big Art Show we always want to make the opportunity open and to embrace everyone’s creativity, to offer a level playing field for all. That there is space to flourish and to participate is crucial for all creativity. Partnering with Outspoken Arts and linking in with other like-minded folks is crucial.

Last year the exhibition was so warmly enjoyed and the visitor numbers and footfall to Paisley town centre so significant, especially in the early weeks of the show, that we knew we had to go to work to make this year’s opportunity as big and as open as the first one and we think we have achieved it! Given the small and voluntary nature of the charity, it’s no small feat. We hope you enjoy this year’s show.

The Big Art Show is a force of nature. We are so grateful we have such a great team of helpers, supporters and prize sponsors. Please come along, bring a friend, comment, purchase, enjoy!

Creativity is magic, don’t examine it too closely.

Tha sinne an dòchas chòrdadh taisbeanadh ruibh.