Russell MacEwan

How To Think When You Draw Comics


Russell MacEwan is a digital artist from Glasgow, Scotland.

Assisted by William McLaughlan, they created the darkly fantastic and nightmarish artwork for the highly successful “Hell In Stalingrad” graphic novel kickstarter campaign during lockdown. Written by Matt hardy and Rob Jones (Mad Robot/Madius Comics) as a “…wartime atrocity, a powerful ancient evil…War is Hell.

*The comic will shortly be available to the public from

How To Think When You Draw Comics is a fun introduction to comic art, no previous experience necessary; you can even borrow pencil and paper. The workshops will provide exciting and cool techniques to kickstart your own comic ideas, at whatever level you’re working at. Lots of practical ideas to get you started in character design and everything else we can fit in.

Russell MacEwan designed the highly accessible and popular City of Glasgow College Course “Digital Comic Art” which resumes in November 2021. Many students progress to their own comic projects and full time study at college. Information here: