Rates of Pay

ITC / Equity Performers & Stage Managers:

Minimum Weekly Salary£483.00£494.00
Minimum Daily Rate: 3 days or less, 4-6 days paid at the weekly salary£100.00
Commuting Costs Threshold: Where relocation is not being paid travel costs over this are repaid£24.60£25.20
Commuting Costs Ceiling: Maximum payable per week, above the thresholdIn London £126.25 Outside London £102.50In London £129.00 Outside London £104.80
Relocation: This is the maximum weekly allowance/reimbursement for those living 25+ miles from home, when working at company base for up to first 16 weeks of the engagementIn London £126.25 Outside London £102.50In London £129.00 Outside London £104.80
Recommended allowances on tour, The Manager has the option to: provide accommodation/meals; reimburse costs actually incurred; or pay the allowances below.
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member arranges hotel/B&B£40.00£40.90
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member stays with friends etc. (not own home)£12.60£12.90
Meals: Daily where breakfast is provided£17.80£18.20
Meals: Daily where breakfast is not provided£25.20£25.80
Weekly Touring Allowance: Payable where working full weeks at one venue to cover accommodation and meals£304.50£311.20

ITC / Equity Directors:

Preparatory Fee: Full length play£1579.50£1,614.30
Preparatory Fee: Short play£1093.00£1,117.00
Rehearsals: Weekly payment£483.00£494.00
Artistic/ Resident Directors: Weekly pay for all duties£587.00£599.90

ITC / Equity Designers:

Design fee£2,646.50£2,704.70
Making: Weekly fee for building set and other duties£518.50£529.90

ITC / Equity Choreographers:

Preparation & up to 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Minimum Fee£1,951.50£1,994.40
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Weekly Fee£483.00£494.00
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Daily Rate£157.00£160.50
Session Rate (max. 3 hours)£101.00£103.20

ITC / Equity Fight Directors:

Session rate£90.75£92.80

ITC /WGGB: Writers

Full length play£9,176.00
Play under 70 minutes in length£6,110.00
Play under 30 minutes in length£3,056.00
Minimum royalty (Clause I 7.2)£62.10
Royalty threshold (Clause 11 A.3)£61,807.00
Meal Allowance (Clause II A.4c)£17.75
Management Participation Threshold (Clause II A.5)£35,296.00
Additional day rate (Clause II B.2vii)£66.65
Pre/post show discussions (Clause II B.2xi)£66.65
Option purchase (Clause II.C.4b)Exclusive rights after 1st year:
Non-exclusive after 2nd year:

ITC / Unite: Administrators

Minimum Weekly Salary£483.00

Recording by Broadcasting Companies

Equity has agreed minimum conditions with broadcasters for News/ Magazine programmes:

  • All Company Members involved in making the recording must have given prior consent (whether or not they are included in the broadcast extracts).
  • Payments are the responsibility of the programme company, and should be agreed before recording is allowed (minimum rates set out below).
  • Recordings must not be made in the presence of a paying audience.
  • These arrangements do not apply to video, DVD/CD etc recordings for commercial use. Such recordings should be negotiated via Equity.

News Access (News Bulletins. News Items in News Magazines) ^^

Up to 2 minutesNo paymentNo paymentNo paymentNo payment
Over two minutes£34.20£27.79£29.00£24.40
^^ Includes regional news programmes

Magazines, Features & Documentary Programmes

Up to 3 minutes£51.30£43.00£43.00£38.90
Between 3 and 5 minutes£78.10£66.00£66.00£85.50
Up to 10 minutes£603.00N/A£220.00N/A
Max call time (incl travel time)3 hours3 hours3 hours