Q&A with Rachel Jury

We caught up with Rachel Jury, Writer and Director of “The Gates: Love, Liberation and Respect,” showing at The Classic Grand 23-26 October…

What prompted you do write The Gates: Love, Liberation and Respect?
The Gateways Club has an almost legendary status within Lesbian history. The stories that surround the club as told by people who frequented it and by those who wish they had are vast and varied but always told with deep affection and respect. I, regrettably, am one of the many who wish they had visited Gateways, so for me the club has a symbolic status. It represents a place of sanctity, a place of liberation, and a place where you could choose who to love, regardless of sex or gender, at a time in history when that choice could cost you your life. I have never been tempted or attempted to present a documented history of The Gateways. Rather, I have chosen to celebrate what I understand to be the spirit of the club, its proprietors and its patrons – women and men who risked all they had for love, liberation and respect. Without the risk they took no one would be able to enjoy the freedoms and rights that we do today. Their story is your story is our story and unfortunately it’s a story that continues to have resonance around the world and at home, in Scotland last year there was a reduction in all hate crimes apart from Homophobic hate crime which increased.

Our company is made up of people from across the globe, with a broad spectrum of sexual and gender identities as well as age, background and experience. I like to think our company, our song and our dance reflect the spirit of The Gateways.

How much do you think has changed in lesbian culture since post-war Chelsea?
In some ways everything has changed and in others nothing has changed. By joining us down The Gates you will recognise characters, feelings, situations and challenges we all face today but you will also be able to connect with your history and ancestors. We need to understand our past and where we have come from to understand our future.

What can our Glasgay! audience expect from “The Gates: Love, Liberation and Respect?”
A fabulous night out!

Wed – Sat 8pm, Sat 26th 2pm
Classic Grand
18 Jamaica Street, G1 4QD
Tickets £12

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