Payam Beint

Payam Beint is an artist and teacher currently living in Edinburgh. He recently graduated from an MLitt Masters in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art and in addition to his art practice is currently teaching Art and Design on a part time basis at St Crispin’s School in Edinburgh. Payam’s painting practice explores ideas of transition and memory in nature and interpersonal relationships. His paintings incorporate techniques and approaches that look at the way that painting can act as a metaphor for memory and the passing of time. Payam works primarily with acrylic paints and continues to find ways of expanding and exploring this versatile medium. Payam will be offering an acrylic painting and mixed media painting course with Outspoken Arts in which the participants explore experimental painting techniques using acrylic paints with other media to form multi-layered artworks. The workshop would be a practical based workshop that would encourage participants to experiment with the creation of mixed media artwork and will incorporate skills such as drawing, mark making, collage and acrylic painting techniques, as well as gaining an understanding of composition and the versatile qualities of acrylic paint