One Touch

Visual Art by Mathew Parkin

The Telfer Gallery
3rd Floor, 84 Miller Street, Glasgow, G1 1DT
Open: Thu–Sun noon–5pm
Preview: Fri 11 Oct

The Telfer Gallery presents a new project by Mathew Parkin exploring problems around desire, authenticity, and identity in post-internet culture.

Parkin is interested in the potential for interactions with digital culture to confuse the actual or apparent authenticity of an individual’s taste and desire. Taking its name from the 2000 debut album by British pop group Sugababes, the show will present sculpture, video and performance existing as gestural reference points and surfaces. Parkin uses the motif of the Sugababes- a group with a constant name and brand but shifting line-up of members- in his work as a stand-in for the problems of contemporary authenticity. Parkin aims to place this exhibition within a context of unstable images and objects and acts as a temporary user rather than an author of certain queer histories and desires.