Maw Broon shoots the breeze with Dorothy Gale

We recently caught up with Maw Broon and Dorothy Gale and asked them a few questions. We thought it would be fun to get the viewpoints of two of our favourite fictional characters…

How does it feel to be in Glasgow?  

MB – I’m awfy chuffed to be back in the big city but am no half missing paw and the weans.  Hope someone’s keeping paw in line!

DG – not quite the Emerald city but it’s a great place!

What are you doing here?

DG – well I have a big show on for RSNO/Glasgay! at Royal Concert Hall. They are showing Wizard of Oz and the orchestra is accompanying me!

What’s your favourite footwear?  

MB – Your ruby slippers don’t look as comfy as ma sheepskins but I widnae mind their magic! I’d click my heels and say “there’s no place like the but an ben”

DG – ah but Maw Broon – the ruby slippers fit everyone!  They are magic after all! They are really comfortable, even after being on the wicked witches’ feet!

What’s your stand on politics and independence?  

DG – all I’ve been hearing about since I landed from Kansas is about Scotland becoming independent.   I was part of the revolution in Oz and would highly recommend it.  I might even stay here for the revolution…how will you vote?

MB – Well I’m skeptical to say the least. Cameroon and Osbroon don’t impress me and I’m no happy aboot this bedroom tax!  It’s oor oil!

What’s your favourite song?

MB – you’ve got such a lovely singing voice Dorothy, I’ve always loved the songs from the film

DG – thank you. What’s your favourite? Do you ever sing any of the songs from the film?

MB – Oh no! I couldnae compete with your voice.  If there’s ever a singsong in oor hoose ma party piece is:  ‘We’re no awa to bide awa’

Do you enjoy being a woman?

MB – aye but ma hormones are aw ower the place – I’ve got hot flushes to go wi ma mid-life crisis.

DG – I’ve never had a hormone because I never grew up but I know a witch who has – The Wicked Witch of the West.  Good Witch Glinda was always able to keep hers in check.

Do you class yourselves as feminists?

MB – I’m a big fan of feminism – burning bras… I’m all for equality… anything a man can do.

DG –Me too – after witnessing the troubles between Good Witch vs Wicked Witch I’m all for sisterhood!

Do you like dogs?

MB  – the bairns are desperate for a dog – it has to be something small any tips?

D – you should get them a wee scottie dog like Toto – he would be ideal for your family.

What do you think of the Scottish weather?

MB – when it’s blowin a heilan gale oot there I’m worried the hoose is gonnae get blown away! It’s like the tornado that took your hoose to Oz!

DG – Aunty Em and Uncle Henry said that tornado was the biggest they’d ever seen and it took us forever to get the farm back together.

What are you up to for Hallowe’en ?

MB – I’m getting all dressed up and putting on a big show at The Tron!  Come down!

DG – I’d love to but I’ve got a film and concert on at the Royal Concert Hall

What’s your experience of LGBT? 

MB – We think Daphne might be bi – she’s in twa minds.  Here’s a laugh, Grandpa said: Maybe Daphne won’t be in as much now she’s out!

DG – we thought the same about the scarecrow and the gatekeeper of Oz but it was never confirmed!

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