Selectors for the Big Art Show

The Big Art Show has been put together by a panel of trusted artists and volunteers who helped choose from over 2,268 submissions. We are very grateful for their hard work and dedication over the last two years in bringing the mission to life of creating not only Paisley’s but one of the UK’s largest open art exhibitions. Working in partnership to achieve this aim were exhibition organisers, Outspoken Arts; Art Paisley Ltd – a new Scottish charity; and the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA).

Rowena Comrie – Co-Chair (Art Paisley)
Eòghann MacColl – Co-Chair (Art Paisley)
Caroline Gormley – Director (Art Paisley)
Lil Brookes – Director (Art Paisley)
Angela Pieraccini – Director (Art Paisley)
Maureen Rocksmoore – Director (Art Paisley)
Co-Presidents (SSA)

Supported by
Nancy Docherty – Director (Art Paisley)
Denise MacColl – Director (Art Paisley)
Steven Thomson – Director/Co. Sec (Art Paisley)

Exhibition Management
Outspoken Arts Scotland

Board of Directors
Lisa Charlwood Green – Chair
Eleanor Collier – Vice Chair
Garry MacLaughlin

Steven Thomson – Creative Director & Co. Secretary
Alphonso Harrison – Engagement Manager
Lisa Watt – Marketing Manager
Ross Flannagan – Sales & Exhibition Assistant