Lovely Peas

New monologues by Scottish writers –
Theatrical stories inspired by people in care and former care workers in Renfrewshire.

LOVELY PEAS by Lisa Nicoll
Starring Janette Foggo
Running time: 44.47 mins
Q&A with Writer, Director & Producer

Edna has been stuck at home for the last ten years caring for her dying husband Jim. Now that he is gone, she has gone into a bit of decline. Whilst the lovely care worker pops in everyday to make her tea she cannot for the life of her remember her name. However, always a cheery coper, Edna relishes that time every night remarking on the ‘lovely peas’, the same lovely peas she has with every meal. Her memories of Jim are not so dim and here she recounts their life together, the humour, the sadness, their grown-up family long gone and uncaring who don’t visit.

Produced by Outspoken Arts Scotland

Directed by Mary McCluskey
Designed by Kenny Miller
Recording & Editing by Jamie Wardrop
Production Management by Sam Ramsay
Stage Management by Emma Yeomans

Cast & Creative biographies

Supported with funds from Renfrewshire Council, National Lottery & Creative Scotland.