Katie McGroarty – Drawing Workshops

An online workshop for young people which will focus on experimental drawing. It’s so important to provide a space for experimentation, as well as allowing ourselves the time and space to understand how our hands work with different materials. This is crucial in any stage of your development as an artist. Experimental drawing is a fantastic skill to have as a beginner, or established artist, and can be extremely beneficial in identifying areas that need work, where you excel. This workshop explores how your hand naturally moves and identifying which mediums or practices you naturally gravitate toward.

These workshops are for young people, school leavers, and for those not in work or further education. You must state your year of birth and also give a postal address so that a free materials pack can be posted to you. Online Safety guidance will be issued to registered participants. Participants will be screened in a waiting room prior to start of workshop to ensure safety and compliance.


Tue 16 Feb, 5-7pm BOOK NOW
Wed 17 Feb, 5-7pm BOOK NOW
Tue 23 Feb, 5-7pm BOOK NOW
Wed 24 Feb, 5-7pm BOOK NOW
Tue 2 Mar, 5pm-7pm BOOK NOW
Wed 3 Mar, 5pm-7pm BOOK NOW
Tue 9 Mar, 5pm-7pm BOOK NOW
Wed 10 Mar, 5pm-7pm BOOK NOW