John Binnie

Playwright/Director first appearing at Glasgay! in 1997

Appearing at the festival in 1998 as part of a workshop, DEFINING GAY THEATRE, John Binnie is a Glasgow-based Playwright and Director. From 1986 John has been artistic director or a playwright director of Glasgow’s Clyde Unity Theatre. He has written over 16 plays for the company and directed over 30 productions beginning in 1986 with MUM, DAD, THERE’S SOMETHING I’VE GOT TO TELL YOU. John has also written for many theatre companies over the years including Tag, 7:84, Theatre Workshop, Brunton Theatre, The Drill Hall and Bandbazi Theatre.

He is currently mentoring older writers in Rothesay, schoolchildren in Aberdeenshire and a group of adults with addiction issues in Glasgow’s East End.

Clyde Unity Theatre