Installation: Stewart Campbell

Installation 3 — Stewart Campbell:  Tue 29 June – Fri 16 July 2021 

Gallery open Tue-Fri: 10am-4pm


A dual screen installation looking at the concept of time and happiness. It will take the form of two screens played in the windows of either side of the entrances to the gallery space plus two large projections within the gallery.

Stewart Campbell is a punk Buddhist journalist who wishes to have an open conversation through his work.  He creates unique works that tells stories of, and gives a voice to, the people we pass by every day. A project that anyone can be a part of that will hopefully further encourage and inspire others to have these conversations in their everyday life.

“I believe that by sharing our stories and allowing people to hear others in a way they may not have heard before, we begin to realise how much we have in common. Be it man, or woman, of any age or religion, we all share the experience of being alive, of being human. By sharing our stories, by sharing what we’ve learned, and by hearing each other, I believe we begin to make a better world.”