Florence Dwyer

Florence Dwyer is an artist based in Glasgow. Her practice is informed by embodied research into social and cultural histories most commonly related to industrial manufacturing, craft and domestic design. Her work often finds form in the domestic, most recently through porcelain perfume bottles, ceramic tableware, tapestries and hand tufted woollen rugs. Recent exhibitions and residencies include; Part Seen, Part Imagined, Studio Pavilion, Glasgow 2019, Greenware, Old Huis Tokyo 2019, I remain Yours, The Tenement House, Glasgow 2018; and Making the Bed Laying the Table, Glasgow Sculpture Studios 2016. Dwyer’s work is also informed by craft pedagogies and she enjoy’s making work with other people, either through direct collaboration with friends and colleagues, within participatory settings, or within different workplaces, through working in this way she likes to explore notions of authorship and open up new dialogues. For this upcoming project for Outspoken Arts, Florence will deliver a series of workshops that explore the creative potential and possibilities of weaving. These will take inspiration from the Bauhaus weaving workshop, an inventive part of the 20th century Bauhaus design school which experimented with both traditional craft and industrial techniques to create bold, geometric and colourful weavings. Taking a similar approach to the Bauhaus school, these workshops will encourage participants to have a go at creating patterns on the loom from both conventional and unconventional weaving materials (thread, paper, recycled materials, ribbons). This will be done by working on small wooden, makeshift and DIY looms.