Edwin Morgan

Poet appearing at the inaugural Glasgay! in 1993

Edwin Morgan shared his poetry at Glasgay! on the 1st November 1993 alongside Jackie Kay.

Readers and critics have always been struck by the great variety in style, form and subject Edwin Morgan’s work provides: From sonnet to concrete poem, from opera libretto to performance with jazz saxophonist Tommy Smith, his work is as wide-ranging as you could wish for, its striking inventiveness being just one of its special qualities. He wrote poems on film and theatre, Science Fiction poetry, Sonnets from Scotland, Glasgow Sonnets, Instamatic Poems, and Newspoems, to name but a few.

Recognised as one of Scotland’s greatest poets, Morgan was Poet Laureate for Glasgow, 1999 to 2005, and National Poet for Scotland from 2004 until his death. His death, in August 2010, was announced by his publisher, Sandstone Press.