Chloe Poems

Gay, socialist, transvestite poet first appearing at Glasgay! in 1995

Having appeared at Glasgay! several times since 1995, Chloe Poems, a fully rounded impassioned visionary in gingham, has since followed her emotional mission to make the world a better place. Chloe has toured nationally with her full length theatre shows, KNOCKERS, CHLOE POEMS HEALING ROADSHOW and KINKY AND ME. Frequently hits at the Edinburgh festival, these shows toured up and down the country, from Aberdeen to Portsmouth.

In 2000 Chloe finished a year as resident Artist at the Green Room, Manchester’s centre for performing arts, she has become the champion of the Manchester poetry scene. SLAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM, her regular poetry slam helped establish her as the queen of performance poetry in the city, and enabled her to encourage other poets to give it ago. 2000 also saw the collaboration with performer The Divind David in The Ugli Sisters, selling out at both the Royal Exchange, Manchester and the ICA.