Call for Entries

    Please complete the following form by providing:

    - Full details of your artwork, type, size, medium, dimensions etc
    - Upload a CV.
    - Upload pictures/photos of your artwork.
    - Tell us how your work relates to the theme of Being Co-operative.
    - Give details about your inspiration, background, or anything else relevant to your submission.

    Submissions are free, however, there is a limit of three works/pieces per artist.
    If successful there will be a hanging fee of £10 per piece of artwork, payable at the hand-in dates.

    Work should be for sale. Our Commission is 25% + VAT on the commission element.
    Remittance will be 14 days after exhibition closes.

    Submissions close 31st January 2023.

    Selected artists will be notified by 15th February 2023.