A play by Dustin Lance Black chronicling the federal trial for marriage equality

by Dustin Lance Black


Tron Theatre, Glasgow 4th November 2012

On August 4, 2010, the Federal Court ruled that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional and could not stand. Weighing the overwhelming evidence presented by AFER’s legal team and expert witnesses against the weak testimony of anti-marriage activists, the court was left with one choice. Based on the evidence, based on the sworn testimony and based on the law, the court ruled in our favor.

But our work is not done. The proponents of Proposition 8 continue their efforts to uphold state-sponsored discrimination. They appealed the District Court’s decision. They tried to have the ruling overturned based on nothing but homophobia and bigotry.

They continue their fight, so we continue ours.

On July 25, 2012 the Scottish Government announced it would bring forward legislation to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland. We are staging this piece as a timely reminder of why this legislation should pass…


Bob McDevitt
Andy Paterson
Tam Dean Burn
Robin Laing
Toni Frutin
Kate Dickie
Daniel Cahill
Gary Lamont
Atta Yaqub
Nicola Daley
Fraser Boyle
Paul Chaal
David Rankine
Charlene Boyd
Camille Marmié