The Maids

A Glasgay! production of “The Maids” by Jean Genet in 2010.

by Jean Genet

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 4-13 November 2010

Directed by Pauline Goldsmith
Design Colin O’Hara
Production Manager Ray Love
Produced by Steven Thomson

THE MAIDS is the murderous tale of two sisters, envious servants to the wealthy, self-centred and imperious Madame. In her absence Solange and Claire plunder their mistress’ coveted wardrobe and act out the grotesque rituals of dominance and submission. The illegitimate and abandoned child of a Parisian prostitute, Jean Genet was a vagabond, a rent-boy, a criminal poet genius and perhaps the greatest prose writer of the Twentieth Century. The Maids is inspired by a brutal murder case involving the Papin sisters that shocked 1930s France.


Derek McLuckie
William Brennan
Richard Pears