Talking Heads

Glasgay! Production of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads in 2007

by Alan Bennett

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 7-12 November 2006
Assembly Universal Arts Theatre, Edinburgh 2-27 August 2007

Directed by Grant Smeaton
Designed by Veronica Rennie
Produced by Steven Thomson

A rare chance to see five of the original ‘Talking Heads’ – Alan Bennett’s wonderful, legendary 80s television monologues which held the seeds of discomfort of a Britain (and a world) changing beyond recognition. Five individuals trapped behind the net curtains of a fast disappearing society.

Their stories are poignant, hilarious, sometimes sad, occasionally uplifting, and they all showcase Alan Bennett’s powers of observation, comic timing and exquisite turn of phrase. Bennett may be regarded as a national treasure but the cosiness of that tag belies the darker, harsher, more satirically barbed nature of his work.


Kay Gallie
Anne Raitt
Jill Riddiford
Morag Stark
Ross Stenhouse
Pauline Goldsmith