2011 Glasgay! production of James Ley’s “Spain”

by James Ley

Directed by Rosalind Sydney
Co-created and performed by Mark Kydd
Design by Kate Temple

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow 23 October – 12 November 2011

At 22 Ally relocated from Edinburgh to Gran Canaria and he’s never looked back. He hasn’t had time. He’s been too busy enjoying himself… and other people. Lots of other people. In fact, in the twenty years he’s been on the island he’s averaged a man a week.

A part-time job in a night club has kept him in a fresh supply of lovers and even teaching English as a foreign language has opened a few bedroom doors. But at 42 Ally is entering his promiscuous person’s mid-life crisis, when you ask yourself the question – “What else do I like apart from sex?” And it’s a good question. Because for the past twenty years, whether it’s been one-on-ones, small teams, indoors, outdoors or with spectators involved, sex has been Ally’s one and only hobby.

Spain tells the story of an ex-pat Scot, thrown into an existentialist crisis and forced to begin a long journey home. On the way he discovers that there are countless ways of having fun, and for a handful of them, you don’t need to take your clothes off.