Solo performance piece by Martin O’Connor in 2007

by Martin O’Connor

Written and Performed by Martin O’Connor

The Studio, Saltmarket, Glasgow. 23rd – 27th October 2007

3 men. 3 stories. Fame. War. Fatherhood.
Following on from a successful run of Zugzwang the previous year, Martin returned to Glasgay with a brand new solo performance inspired by celebrity stalking, the fashion of war and the pressures of teenage fatherhood.

Martin is a performer and writer based in Glasgow. Theatre experience includes performances for Citizen’s Theatre Company, Det Aapne Teatre, Oslo, TAG, The Arches Theatre Company, Hopscotch and Artists in Exile, Glasgow. He has written and performed one-man shows Manifesto and Zugzwang for Arches Live! and Arches Theatre Festival. He has been commissioned by ConFab spoken word company and had recently established Licence Pending – a brand new spoken word cabaret event which has played at the Arches and Tron Theatre. Licence Pending’s subsequent outing was at the Tron on 8th November at 10pm.