A new play by Nelly Kelly, directed by David Wood

Inspired by the massive critical public response
to Glasgow GOMA’s SHOUT Exhibition in 2009


Presented by Queen Jesus Productions in association with Outspoken Arts Scotland

In July 2009 a Bible was put on display in GoMA alongside the notice:

“If you feel you’ve been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.”

The exhibit, Untitled 2009. was intended to be a reclamation of the bible as a sacred text but was condemned as a sacrilegious act by churches across Scotland. and globally, as negative reports broke out online.

Ten years on Untitled 2009 is back on display and the words collected in its margins spoken aloud onstage by a collective of LGBTQ performers. What has changed in the last ten years and what do these words tell us about queer lives in Scotland?

Note: Contains strong language.

First presented at the Tron Theatre in 2019.

Picturing Paisley Exhibition
Florence Dwyer