Penny Arcade

American Performance Artist and Playwright appearing at Glasgay! in 2004

First appearing at Glasgay! 2004 with BAD REPUTATIONS, Penny Arcade is a New York-based performer. Penny Arcade’s long association with avant-garde performance began at age 17, when she performed with John Vaccaro’s PLAYHOUSE OF THE RIDICULOUS, and appeared in the Jackie Curtis play FEMME FATALE, followed by an appearance in the Andy Warhol film, WOMEN IN REVOLT. She traveled Europe during the 1970s, returning to New York in 1981, where she worked with many underground theatre artists, including Jack Smith, Charles Ludlam and the Angels of Light. She co-starred with Quentin Crisp in the long-running performance/interview piece, THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF QUENTIN CRISP.