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WE ARE OPEN to ideas, suggestions, new or ready-made work in various forms.

*** download the application form here Call for Participation    (PDF)    Call for Participation   (WORD)

We want LGBTQI work that is challenging and ground breaking – in some of the following areas:

  • An education project for schools on diverse parenting, coming out and homophobia
  • A visual arts project that breaks the silence of some LGBT visual artists.
  • A theatre project that reaches outer lying marginalized communities
  • Discussions, talks and seminars that highlight social issues for LGBTQI people
  • A training project that offers professional skills for mixed LGBTQI participants.
  • Community projects for under-represented or isolated members of the LGBTQI family.
  • Performances that raise the bar in terms of quality, professionalism and profile.

We wish to represent queer communities in their broadest sense.  LGBT equality, equal and human rights are now very much the focus of mainstream society, civic and organisational culture.  LGBT identities play increasingly influential roles in this.  Yet we must still recognise that LGBT peoples have come from the margins of society where they have felt less than accepted, sometimes abused and neglected.  That often informs their work, their attitudes and their interests.  We wish to bridge the gaps between the different tribes, behaviours and create intersections between the places of queer activity and interest.

We’re interested in radical, independent, activist, counter-cultural voices.  We want to embody practice that engages and encourages reflection on what unites people.  We want our organisation to be a reflection of the work artists wish to make matched alongside the needs of partners organisations and wider audiences.  We want to be seen as multi-generational. We will curate programmes which create art, develop community, and build a sense of identity and solidarity.  We wish to support emergent artists at the start of their career, established artists who have made new work, and afford opportunities to foreground new trends, new scenes and new movements.



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