Memory Cells

Glasgay! commission of a Louise Welsh play in 2009

by Louise Welsh

Directed by Sam Rowe
Designed by Colin O’Hara
Produced by Steven Thomson

The Arches, Glasgow 20 – 24 October 2009

In chamber deep below the earth Cora lies deathly still. In moment Barry will enter and she will wake and begin her journey towards the light. Barry has promised to keep her safe; but is he her saviour, father, lover or her jailor? Is Cora as weak as she seems or does she have her own agenda?

From ancient myth to recent news stories, tales of woman being trapped and contained by predatory men have haunted history. In this new play best selling author Louise Welsh sets out to explore one such relationship and expose the darkest void in the gender divide. With a compelling battle of wills at its heart Welsh’s play explores constriction, sexuality, power and obsession. As the interplay between complicity, indoctrination and pure survival unravels, this most brutal of relationships is never quite what it appears, creating a thrilling and disturbing drama. Cora and Barry embark on a dangerous verbal tarantella, which uncovers loves and betrayals, past and future and ultimately how they came to be there, deep below the earth.