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Kiss of the Spiderwoman

An adaptation of Manuel Puig’s KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN “a mesmerising exploration of masculinity, loyalty, love and sexuality”

by Manuel Puig
adapted by Grant Smeaton

Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow 1-12 November 2005

Directed by Grant Smeaton
Set/Costume Design by Veronica Rennie
Lighting Design by Paul Sorley

“Kiss of the Spiderwoman” chronicles the relationship between two cellmates, Molina and Valentin, in a shared prison cell. Their communication begins with Molina, a gay window dresser who is serving time for ‘corrupting a minor’, entertaining Valentin, a Marxist political prisoner, with a summary of his favourite movie. The narrative of the movie, about Irina, part-woman, part-panther, and her troubled relationship with her architect husband, runs parallel to the main plot of the play. Molina and Valentin are characterized by their reactions to the movie’s events and characters.


Derek McLuckie
Grant Smeaton
Voices of Ross Stenhouse & Jim Kerr

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