Jesus, Queen of Heaven

Written & Performed by Jo Clifford in 2009

by Jo Clifford

Director Rachel Rayment
Composer Adam Clifford
Designer Sarah Paulley
Producer Elaine Reid

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 3 – 7 November 2009

Jo Clifford:
“Most of my life I have been trying to understand why people tend to be so hostile towards transsexual people like myself. Or why I was so hostile towards myself, for that matter. Why I was always so ashamed. Maybe it has something to do with religion, I thought once, and wrote and performed a play called GOD’S NEW FROCK here in the Changing House to explore how all this gets worked out in the Old Testament. So it seemed quite an obvious thing to explore the New Testament as well. My daughter once said to me: “Dad, when you go to your church what do you do about all the homophobic bits in the bible?” The answer is that as far as the Gospel goes, there aren’t any. I just wanted to point that out really. Among other things. And also to express my pride in who I am.”