Installation: Laura McGlinchy

Installation 6 — Laura McGlinchy:  Mon 30 Aug – Sat 18 Sep 2021 

My proposal is to assemble an installation of large-scale free-standing paintings using solely homemade paints and found materials sourced through exploration of the local area. The project will endeavour to breakdown the perceived wall between fine art and the public. Creating a wholly accessible experience. The sculptural works incorporate interactive elements that encourage the public to move inside and around the work finding their own perspective and drawing their own conclusions from the piece. 

Engagement with the public – all of the public, not just the art community – is crucial, social media and digital platforms are an invaluable resource I will utilise to share the project not only in its final state but importantly the process as the work grows and unfolds, connecting the audience to the pieces in a way they otherwise might not in a traditional white cube setting. 

The vast majority of people may feel that their paths rarely cross with fine art especially not the creative stages; The transparency of the project and the organic process allows the public to develop an empathic relationship with the work by participating in the process of the project from start to finish. My proposal and the broadmindedness of the concept is designed to capture the imagination of an inclusive public audience and bridge the gap *between the general public and contemporary art, overcoming the borders of the white cube which often represents the elitist social habitus of the art world. 

A vital factor in engaging with the public is providing moments of the familiar in the unfamiliar, taking something normally alien and inaccessible and cementing it firmly as a part of their world. This entails gathering everyday materials from the local area in question namely those with a cultural and practical significance such as local newspapers, old billboards and flyers for local businesses. Onlookers will recognise and identify glimpses of their everyday life. This also will make a statement about our wasteful, consumer-driven society that leads to an abundance of such materials normally disposed of and proposes a sustainable use for them transforming from trash into art. Another subtext to be drawn from the project is to demonstrate that artist expression is attainable for everyone and materials are all around them.