Installation: Ilona Dynowksi

Installation 5 — Ilona Dynowski:  Mon 9 Aug – Sat 28 Aug 2021 

I intend to make a body of work that engages the people of Renfrewshire that is site-specific and relatable as well as being intriguing to interact with. This work will consist mainly of juxtaposing of imagery such as modern and old, chaotic or mundane, real or fictitious scenes. Utilising a variety of artistic mediums for the work such as drawings, collages and paintings and source material of films and photography. The environment of the site and the current news will dictate to a certain extent the content and composition of the work to ensure relevance to the public.  

The content of the work will focus mainly on the resilience that has been established by the people of Renfrewshire from the past and present. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all been humbled by realisations as a society of a cause bigger than ourselves. I intend to challenge the viewer to examine the philosophical consistency of their own value systems by tapping into well-known figures from popular culture both real and fictitious that the viewer will have encountered enough to have developed a strong emotional response to. I want to access the sense of community that has been felt through our struggle as a society with the pandemic, engaging the passersby with a sense of community, heritage but also personal reflection. 

Ilona identified as a painter from outset graduating from Moray School of Art in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, specialising in figurative oil painting. She went on to complete a year of voluntary work teaching art with a local primary school in West Dunbartonshire. In 2019, she achieved a Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice- Painting Pathway from The Glasgow School of Art. She currently holds the position of Creative Learning and Visual Arts Officer of Outspoken Arts Scotland, focusing on producing quality programmes with the Outspoken team for people in the protected characteristics and outer-laying communities.