Harold and Maude

Theatre Jezebel and Glasgay! present the Scottish Première of Harold & Maude by Colin Higgins

by Colin Higgins

Director & Designer Kenny Miller
Dramaturg Mary McCluskey
Lighting Design Paul Sorley
Sound Design Ross Brown
Producer (Glasgay!) Steven Thomson
Producer (Theatre Jezebel) Anne McCluskey

Harold is a 19 year old rich kid bored with wealth and obsessed with death. He regularly stages mock suicides to shock his socialite mother, attends funerals and drives a hearse. Maude is a 79 year old widow who takes the best from any situation, even funerals. Harold meets Maude at a funeral and their extraordinary friendship begins to blossom. Maude teaches Harold how to grasp life and live it to the full.

Harold and Maude is an eccentric yet beautiful love story full of dark humour, which is as meaningful to today’s audiences as it was 40 years ago when this cult story hit the cinema screens.


Tommy Bastow
Vari Sylvester
Anita Vettesse
Richard Conlon