Glue Boy Blues

One-man show by Derek McLuckie in 2011

by Derek McLuckie

Directed by Pauline Goldsmith
Lighting Design by Adam Thayers

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 8th – 12th November 2011

A one-man, multi-media theatre piece, incorporating text, projected illustration, Glezga dialect, song, dance, drama ‘n’ some comedy an’ ‘aw.

Glue Boy Blues is a rites of passage, visionary journey, recounted in swirling, psychedelic prose by a glue sniffing, ex-evangelical, secret Judy Garland fan, who falls helplessly in love with his two best pals. All three get swallowed by ‘this serpent that grows oot a glue can doon the Killmowie swingpark’. Within this hallucinatory world clouds turn into Pegasus, best friends attempt rape and the bible blasts oot a crisp bag…