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Glasgay! Festival 1993-2014 – Archives

The Glasgay! Festival existed as a distinct body of work in Scottish theatres and venues between 1993 and 2014.  The festival was retired in 2015 due to a loss of public funding.  The producing organisation, Gala Scotland Ltd transitioned and rebranded itself as Outspoken Arts Scotland Ltd with a new purpose of developing equalities work in outer-lying communities, those outwith the main cities.

Scottish Theatre Archive
A full copy of the company’s administration files, press cuttings, publicity, print and artist materials has been lodged with the University of Glasgow’s Scottish Theatre Archive special collections.  Follow link for details http://special.lib.gla.ac.uk/STA/search/

Some items have been placed in the following online digital channels for perusal.

Scribd – our main archive of press cuttings, past print and programme materials

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Flickr – our main photo archive 1993-present