Glasgay! 2006

Highlights of the twelfth Glasgay! festival

Festival Brochure
Press Cuttings

14th October – 12th November 2006

Richard Move: Martha
Alan Bennett: Talking Heads
Laurance Rudic: And God Created…
Louise Welsh: The Importance of Being Alfred
Lois Weaver: What Tammy Needs to Know
Derek McLuckie: Night Twisted Tales
Diane Torr: Donald Does Dusty
Kathy McKean: Lie To Me
Neil Bartlett: In The Dark
Martin O’Connor: Zug-zwang
Ian Nulty: Did I Call You?
Adrian Howells: An Audience with Adrienne
Gregor Laird: Lost in the Forest
Menelas Siafakis: Iliac/Ilium
Deborah Kelly: Hey, Hetero!
Vivian Pedley: A Garden I Once Knew
Zoe Lyons: Comedy
Jason Wood: My Anus Horriblis
Barbara Nice: Sunday Sparkler