Glasgay! 2004

Highlights of the tenth Glasgay! festival

1st November – 14th November 2004

Festival Brochure
Press Cuttings

Welcome to Glasgay! 2004 – The festival features top acts and new work from the best in theatre, music, dance, comedy, film and clubs from across the world. Glasgow is an exciting city to visit and we hope you find something at Glasgay! that interests and entertains you.

Why a celebration of queer culture? Well Glasgay is not just for gay people, it’s for everyone. For us being queer is both attitude and an identity and we feel it’s important to present the many varied, diverse and quirky faces of the lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender artistic community. It’s a chance for us all to embrace our diversity, to promote tolerance and understanding of gay people as positive role models and celebrate our culture.

This year we bring to you artists of many different generations, headline acts such as the inimitable Bette Bourne or New York firebrand Penny Arcade, as well as the best new talent from London’s infamous Duckie. We also love to explore those cross-dressing or transgender artists from across the UK and Europe such as Bridge Markland, Claire Dowie and Joey Hateley who help us all question what it means to be male/female or both.

Glasgay! is also about entertainment as well as serious work. There are many fun nights to be had with saucy ballerinas, witty comedians, femme fatale clones, film star drag queens, or concerts with big names such as Carol Laula and David Paul Jones as well as a one-off Burly club night for all.

If you want the best guide to the rest of the festival then why not join us at our opening night at the GFT on Mon 1st Nov with the Scottish premiere of Die Mommie Die. Otherwise we look forward to welcoming you at events throughout the festival and we hope that you have a good time. Enjoy!


Adrian Howells
Alan Carr
Annie Sprinkle
Bette Bourne
Bridge Markland
Carol Laula
Claire Dowie
Clare Summerskill
David Paul Jones
Amy Lamé & Duckie
Four Poofs and a Piano
Joey Hateley
Madame Galina
Jonathan Mayor
Rachel Jury
Rosie Lugosi
Derek McLuckie
Andrea Brown
John Antiss
OurStory Scotland
Robert Pacitti & Co.
Penny Arcade
Simon Machabelli
Stephen Duffy
Tim Miller
Tom Sapsford