Glasgay! 1999

Highlights of the fifth Glasgay! festival

22nd October – 31st October 1999

Festival Brochure
Press Cuttings 1999

Welcome to Glasgay! 99′- the biggest and best gay and lesbian arts festival in Britian this year. With the opening of our new Scottish Parliament, this is a time of renewed confidence in Scotland and one that gay men and lesbians can dare to share. Let’s hope our new Holyrood politicians are bolder advocates of equality than those in Westminster!

This year’s festival contains some notable ‘firsts’ – the popular music programme at the 13th Note, comedy nights at the Arches and the Festival Club at the Polo Lounge. Last year’s Gordon’s Gallery was such a succes, we have moved it to Glasgow’s prestigious Gallery of Modern Art right in the heart of the city. Throughout the ten days you’ll have a chance to see peformers and artists from New Zealand, Portugal, Canada and Ireland, though as ever, Glasgow’s talent will be at the heart of the festivities. And you don’t just have to be a voyeur – our wide ranging free workshop programme offers the chance to get involved. We hope you discover work that both challenges and empowers, but most of all we hope you simply have a good time.


Alan Steele
Ali Smith
Craig Hill
Cyndra MacDowall
Eric Presland
Estelle van Warmelo
Gowan Calder
Grant Smeaton
Helen Reeves
Helena Goldwater
James Holmes
John Binnie
Johnny Kerr
Lanford Wilson
Mari Binnie
Maria Bakker
Neil Shackleton
Nelson Henricks
Noel Greig
Phillippa Vafadari
Raymond Branton
Richard Greenberg
Shaun Levin
Tina Ayars
Warwick Thompson