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Equalities policy


As part of the commitment made by Outspoken Arts Scotland Ltd (the Employer) to Equality of Opportunity it has adopted a Policy statement covering its employment practices, programme of activities, partnerships and procedures.

General Statement of Policy
It is the Employer’s policy that no employee or prospective employee will receive less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by any circumstances, conditions or requirements that cannot be justified.

The Policy Statement
The Management of Outspoken Arts Scotland Ltd guarantees that people must not be discriminated against and will make every effort to ensure they will not unreasonably exclude any individual from access to any activities, goods, facilities or services, or any employment opportunities, that they offer.

As an employer committed to equal opportunities in all its practices the Employer recognises that groups and individuals must not be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, nationality, colour of skin, sexuality, impairment (physical, sensory or learning), physical appearance, marital or other life status, religious or political belief and other differences that cannot be justified.

We have adopted:
a) The Equality Act 2010

b) Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Code of Practice for the elimination of discrimination in the field of employment against disabled persons or people who have had a disability.

What we Expect from our Employees, Host Venues and Programme Partners

Whilst the responsibility for creating and monitoring a culture of equality rests with each individual employer, host venue or programme partner its success relies on employees playing their part. Employees have a number of responsibilities; many of which are directly related to their jobs, but the following are general instructions that apply to everyone:

a) every employee shall comply with measures that are introduced to ensure equality of opportunity and non-discrimination. Training and information appropriate to each employee’s role should be provided.

b) no employee shall induce, or attempt to induce other persons, employees or trade unions or management to discriminate.

d) no employee shall victimise an individual on the grounds that they have made complaints or provided information about discrimination or harassment.

e) no employee shall harass, abuse or intimidate another peson on any grounds.


Posted: 17/07/2013


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