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Derek Jarman: Protest

Peter Tatchell & Karim Rehmani White

Derek Jarman was a rebel, a maverick and radical artist whose unique and distinctive voice was honed protesting against the strictures of life in post-war Britain. He defined bohemian London life in the 1960s, exploded into queerpunk in the 70s and produced timeless, eloquent works of art in the age of AIDS. This book, co-published with Irish Museum of Modern Art , includes excerpts from Jarman’s own writings and newly commissioned texts from a wide range of contributors including John Maybury, Philip Hoare, Olivia Laing and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell who will join editor Karim Rehmani White to discuss Jarman’s life and work with Gabriella Bennett of The Times.

Saturday 28th March

The Mitchell Library


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