Creative Learning


A programme of 32 workshops in the visual arts to be held in either late autumn, early winter or Spring 2021 (subject to social distancing guidelines).

  • Photography & Printmaking – Amanda Lightbody
  • Printmaking – Claire Curtin
  • Textiles – Florence Dwyer
  • Drawing – Katie McGroarty
  • Jewellery – Lorna Romanenghi
  • Painting – Payam Beint
  • Sculpture – Sara Sonas
  • Film-making – Giacinta Frisillo

Project Summary

Creative Learning; developing the creativity skills of learners (open minded, constructively inquisitive, able to harness imagination, able to identify and solve problems) and developing creative approaches to learning.

Workshops; dedicated to predominate visual arts and will demonstrate the practical knowledge of various art forms, the pathway’s transferable skills and the employment opportunities available in the arts.

Programme Vision; Supports emergent artists, provides geographically/financially accessible quality visual art workshops for young people in outer-laying communities

Organisational Aims

Visual Artists/ Emergent artists/ Educational/ Careers/ Youth Community/ Peer Integration and networking/ Creative skills and knowledge transfer

Target Participants / Audience Youth, Young Professionals, Students, Socially Excluded, Visual Artists


In line with Creative Scotland’s values of creative learning this programme would not only be beneficial from an individual aspect but also a societal level.

This programme would consist of a series of workshops that would focus on a particular theme / skill / medium / practice and teams of teens to young adults would work together to produce a piece ‘work’. Each workshop will be delivered by an emergent artist who is well versed in a particular type of theme, skill, medium, practice. The primary objective of these workshops is for young people to see the different career opportunities available in the arts and design.

The individual will hopefully gain a better understanding of their own creative inclinations and how to channel their creativity into marketable or career making skills. The secondary objective to these workshops to the cultural activity is the social aspect of peer integration with group tasking as opposed to solo efforts. A group of peers with similar interests conversing to problem solve and working as a part of a team. We will encourage the networking of young people through collaborative creative working. The intercommunication of young creatives from the same areas, who have similar artistic aspirations, to establish local connections is imperative to building enterprising creative organisations for its citizens and improving community resilience.

This would then include all 3 areas of Creative Scotland’s definition of creative learning. As the participants would be learning ‘in’ an art form, developing several creative learning skills and approaches but also ‘through’ an art form – sociable, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

This project supports the emergent artists involved and provides quality arts workshops that are geographically and financially accessible for the youth communities of our focus areas.

Aims for the workshops

  • To educate the participants on the various skills and career opportunities involved in the pathways of art and design

Provide culturally enriching experiences of transferable artistic skills and knowledge of the arts

  • To establish a network between young creatives
  • To work as a creative collective to produce a ‘work’ at the end of each workshop
  • To discuss the variety of career options available in the arts in specific pathways

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for workshop participants

  • Better understanding of artistic pathways and techniques
  • Empowering young people to take ownership of their artistic abilities
  • Gaining knowledgeable on the various commercial/career opportunities available to them
  • To encourage communication and socialisation of young creatives; talking and creating together. Learning something for personal gain whilst learning how to communicate on a creative basis but also work as a team for a common goal.