Ch Ch Changes

Glasgay! production of Martin O’Connor’s “Ch Ch Changes” in 2011

by Martin O’Connor

Performed & Directed by Grant Smeaton
Design by Veronica Rennie

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow 25 October – 12 November 2011

Martin O’Connor:

“These stories are based on conversations I had with men within the LGBT community who were all willing to share their experiences of growing up in the UK during a time of significant changes in law, education and social attitudes.

I have reworked their stories, presenting common themes in place of individual accounts, and changed some names and references, but I hope I have captured the essence of the time and their personalities. These people are not overtly political and have not lead extraordinary lives.

I wanted to create a piece which is personal, subtle and quietly determined – much like the men themselves. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the writing of this piece.”