Call Out – National Theatre Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland Associate Director, Stewart Laing, is looking for people to participate in the development of a new piece of theatre exploring the language of Shakespeare. Stewart is interested to find alternative ways of speaking Shakespeare’s language by working with actors who are trained to speak it as well as people who are not.

We are looking for participants of all ages who don’t have experience of acting or performing, or of speaking Shakespeare, to attend a session on one of the following dates:

Tuesday 17th March                                            4pm – 5pm          

Wednesday 18th March                                       4pm – 5pm

Thursday 19th March                                           4pm – 5pm

Friday 20th March                                                 2.30pm – 4pm     

All participants will be contracted and paid a supernumerary fee of £14.66 per hour and must be eligible to work in the UK.

Sessions will be friendly and relaxed, and will involve sitting around a table and reading a few scenes together.

The group will be made up of 8 participants, some professional actors, and the creative team. Sessions will take place at the National Theatre of Scotland’s base in Glasgow.

The sessions will give participants an insight into the process of an acclaimed theatre-maker creating new theatre, as well as how we might explore Shakespeare’s language in new ways. We welcome everyone who would like to join us, whether or not you have experience of watching or reading plays.

If you’re interested in taking part in this opportunity, or if you’d first like to have an informal chat about what it might involve, please contact

When getting in touch about taking part, please let us know what days you would be able to participate in

The National Theatre of Scotland acknowledges the need and right of everyone connected with the organisation to be treated with respect and dignity in an environment in which a diversity of backgrounds and experience is valued. We will, wherever possible, work towards an inclusive and accessible space for all.

Rates of Pay

ITC / Equity Performers & Stage Managers:

Minimum Weekly Salary£483.00£494.00
Minimum Daily Rate: 3 days or less, 4-6 days paid at the weekly salary£100.00
Commuting Costs Threshold: Where relocation is not being paid travel costs over this are repaid£24.60£25.20
Commuting Costs Ceiling: Maximum payable per week, above the thresholdIn London £126.25 Outside London £102.50In London £129.00 Outside London £104.80
Relocation: This is the maximum weekly allowance/reimbursement for those living 25+ miles from home, when working at company base for up to first 16 weeks of the engagementIn London £126.25 Outside London £102.50In London £129.00 Outside London £104.80
Recommended allowances on tour, The Manager has the option to: provide accommodation/meals; reimburse costs actually incurred; or pay the allowances below.
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member arranges hotel/B&B£40.00£40.90
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member stays with friends etc. (not own home)£12.60£12.90
Meals: Daily where breakfast is provided£17.80£18.20
Meals: Daily where breakfast is not provided£25.20£25.80
Weekly Touring Allowance: Payable where working full weeks at one venue to cover accommodation and meals£304.50£311.20

ITC / Equity Directors:

Preparatory Fee: Full length play£1579.50£1,614.30
Preparatory Fee: Short play£1093.00£1,117.00
Rehearsals: Weekly payment£483.00£494.00
Artistic/ Resident Directors: Weekly pay for all duties£587.00£599.90

ITC / Equity Designers:

Design fee£2,646.50£2,704.70
Making: Weekly fee for building set and other duties£518.50£529.90

ITC / Equity Choreographers:

Preparation & up to 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Minimum Fee£1,951.50£1,994.40
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Weekly Fee£483.00£494.00
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Daily Rate£157.00£160.50
Session Rate (max. 3 hours)£101.00£103.20

ITC / Equity Fight Directors:

Session rate£90.75£92.80

ITC /WGGB: Writers

Full length play£9,176.00
Play under 70 minutes in length£6,110.00
Play under 30 minutes in length£3,056.00
Minimum royalty (Clause I 7.2)£62.10
Royalty threshold (Clause 11 A.3)£61,807.00
Meal Allowance (Clause II A.4c)£17.75
Management Participation Threshold (Clause II A.5)£35,296.00
Additional day rate (Clause II B.2vii)£66.65
Pre/post show discussions (Clause II B.2xi)£66.65
Option purchase (Clause II.C.4b)Exclusive rights after 1st year:
Non-exclusive after 2nd year:

ITC / Unite: Administrators

Minimum Weekly Salary£483.00

Recording by Broadcasting Companies

Equity has agreed minimum conditions with broadcasters for News/ Magazine programmes:

  • All Company Members involved in making the recording must have given prior consent (whether or not they are included in the broadcast extracts).
  • Payments are the responsibility of the programme company, and should be agreed before recording is allowed (minimum rates set out below).
  • Recordings must not be made in the presence of a paying audience.
  • These arrangements do not apply to video, DVD/CD etc recordings for commercial use. Such recordings should be negotiated via Equity.

News Access (News Bulletins. News Items in News Magazines) ^^

Up to 2 minutesNo paymentNo paymentNo paymentNo payment
Over two minutes£34.20£27.79£29.00£24.40
^^ Includes regional news programmes

Magazines, Features & Documentary Programmes

Up to 3 minutes£51.30£43.00£43.00£38.90
Between 3 and 5 minutes£78.10£66.00£66.00£85.50
Up to 10 minutes£603.00N/A£220.00N/A
Max call time (incl travel time)3 hours3 hours3 hours