Remembering Stonewall 50th Anniversary

We’re launching a series of posters to commemorate and remember the Stonewall riots of 28th June 1969 which took place at the Stonewall Inn, New York City USA.

These events led by an oppressive police force led to a violent backlash by the local LGBT community and resulted in the growth of the Gay Liberation Front and the worldwide Pride movement. This, in turn, resulted in new equalities laws across much of the world endings year of legal discrimination, criminal conviction and violence against the LGBT community.

Today, we remember some of those people who took part on that fateful night, their words, the reactions and celebrate the moment that power shifted from the oppressors to the people.

Remember Stonewall, remembers its people, celebrate your community and champion equality whenever you can.

Read more about Stonewall here

DOWNLOAD, PRINT AND SHARE FOR FREE ANY OF THESE POSTERS. They are for non-commercial use only. Full PDF here of images below.

Equalities Resources

Equalities Resources

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As an organisation that produces, presents and promotes work with people with protected characteristics we are guided by principally the Equality Act 2010.

As an arts organisation we also draw our working principles on a number of guidance frameworks presented by our funders.  Some of these are as follows

  1. Creative Scotland – Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion Plan
  2. Scottish Government – Community Empowerment Act 2015
  3. Scottish Government – Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004
  4. LGBT Youth Scotland – offer many resources for young people

6. Older People – Scottish Government – All Our Futures: Planning for a Scotland with an Ageing Population

7. Resources for the Disabled:  |  Flip Artists  |  Artlink Scottish Government

8. Faith  |  Renfrewshire Interfaith Group  |  Scotland interfaith

9. Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic  |  BEMIS REEM