Paisley 2021 UK City of Culture Bid

This was a Major Partnership Project of Renfrewshire Council. Steven Thomson, Creative Producer of Outspoken Arts Scotland was seconded to the core bid team from April 2016-May2018.


As Scotland’s only bidding place, Paisley rediscovered its sense of pride and transformed its reputation in the process of bidding to be UK City of Culture 2021. The competition was run by the UK Govt’s Dept. of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). It resulted in a higher profile for Paisley with unprecedented levels of coverage across Scotland, UK and the world. Paisley people, affectionately known as the Buddies, gained a new belief in their town again and confidence has brought many more visitors to Paisley.

Despite losing out to Coventry, the journey to regenerate Renfrewshire through culture and heritage continues. Paisley’s bid was only ever one part of a bigger plan to change the town’s future. Major infrastructure investment will revitalise the economy and the town centre over the next decade, as a direct result of bidding process.

Core Bid Team

Paisley 2021 Partnership Board

  • Sandra Black, Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Council
  • Jean Cameron, Bid Director, Paisley 2021
  • Dr Emilia Crighton, Head of Health Services, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Audrey Cumberford, Principal, West College Scotland, and president, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Councillor Eddie Devine (Labour)
  • Chief Supt Jim Downie, Local Police Commander for Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Division of Police Scotland
  • Councillor Neill Graham (Conservatives)
  • Ian Henderson, Chair, Paisley First Business Improvement District
  • Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes (SNP) chair, Renfrewshire Leisure
  • Prof Tom Inns, Director of Glasgow School of Art
  • Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive, Young Scot
  • Craig Mahoney, Principal, University of the West of Scotland
  • Sharon McAulay, Project Manager, STAR Project
  • Councillor Eileen McCartin (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Iain Nicolson (SNP), Renfrewshire Council leader (chair)
  • Ross Nimmo, Head of Planning & Development, Glasgow Airport
  • Nick Shields, Director of Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, Scottish Enterprise
  • David Watt, Chief Executive, Arts and Business Scotland
  • Philip Deverill – Creative Scotland




Jaha Koo (South Korea)


Where: Tramway
When: Wed 22 May 2019
Price: £8/£12

A bunch of talkative rice cookers take you on a journey through the last 20 years of Korean history

One day when his electric rice cooker informed him that his meal was ready, Jaha Koo experienced a deep sense of isolation. ‘Golibmuwon’ (고립무원) is an untranslatable Korean word expressing the feeling of helpless isolation that characterizes the lives of many young people in Korea today.

Twenty years ago there was a major economic crisis in South-Korea, comparable to the financial crash in the United States and Southern Europe in 2008. This crisis had a huge impact on the young generation to which South Korean artist Jaha Koo belongs. He witnessed many endemic problems including youth unemployment and socio-economic inequality. Rising suicide rates, isolation, acute social withdrawal and a fixation on personal appearance are but a few of the symptoms.

In bittersweet and humorous dialogues, Jaha and his clever rice cookers take you on a journey through the last 20 years of Korean history, combining personal experience with political events and reflections on happiness, economic crises and death.

Additonal Info: 60 mins / 16+ (deals with themes of suicide) / 
Korean with English subtitles / Captioned / All TMS venues are wheelchair accessible.

“A week later, I’m still haunted by the show’s sounds and images. Food for thought indeed.”— TOTAL THEATRE

Images: Radovan Dranga

Listening Party

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir, Iceland


Where: Plat-form
When: Fri 24 May, 7pm, Sat 25 May, 4.30pm and Sun 26 May, 4.30pm
Price: £8.50/£5/£4

Listening Party is a party on stage, the hosts are a big group of teenagers, aged 13-17 years old. They play their favourite music. Sometimes they sing along or dance along or cry along or whatever. They talk about their music and about themselves, ideas, worries, thoughts and dreams. They hang out, listen to music together and listen to each other with their audience. They support each other, celebrate each other and their teenage years. The stage is theirs, the words are theirs, they have the power – even though it’s just during the show – it’s their party and they do whatever they want.

Commissioned and produced by Reykjavík Dance Festival and Lókal in the frame of “Into the City onto the Stage” with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Education and apap – Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Residency: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Lisbon. Listening Party was premiered at Everybody’s Spectacular 2017, in Kúlan the National Theatre of Iceland. 

Additional Info: 60 mins / 13+ /BSL Interpreted / Hearing Loop / All TMS venues are wheelchair accessible

Images: Owen Fiene

The P Project

Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria)


Where: Tramway
When: Sat 18 May 2019, 7:30pm
Price: £10/£15

A Performance based on ‘P’ words (such as Piano, Pray, Pussy, Poetry, Poppers), where Ivo Dimchev invites willing members of the audience to write improvised Poetry on stage – in return for hard cash – as he transforms it into a live song at the Piano.

After the Performance the Public is invited to Play with the complex Pussy catalogue and construct their own Pussy and Print it on a Postcard.

Additional Info: 18+ (may contain nudity) / 60 mins / Hearing Loop / All TMS venues are wheelchair accessible / other access tbc


The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein (USA)


Where: Tramway
When: Sat 11 May 2019, 7:00pm
Price: £10/£15

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein plunges into the ghostly underworld of popular culture, examining the myth of Medusa, Nicki Minaj and her own legendary self(ie), to interrogate pop culture’s take on the female monster, blurring the lines between live art, dance and theatre.

A pioneer in the field of performance and live art, Holstein’s irreverent blend of music, dance and witch-bitch ritual searches for redemption in the face of promiscuity. Combining pop culture with striking physically embodied visuals, The Famous continues to take risks with this new interdisciplinary performance following on from Splat! which sold out at the Barbican in 2013.

Additonal Info: 90 mins / 16+ (contains nudity) / BSL interpreted / Hearing Loop / all TMS venues are wheelchair accessible

“Holstein’s shows are a riot of shameless showmanship and live-art provocation” — TIME OUT

“‘I’ll be ResurrecDEAD as your ultimate fantasy – a sexy dead virgin’ ”— THE FAMOUS LAUREN BARRI HOLSTEIN

Images: Timothy Fluck
Video: Claire Nolan and Charlie Cauchi

Rates of Pay

These are the national rates of pay our organisation recognises for workers in the cultural sector. As an independent art organisation that receives public funding we are bound to honour these rates in our contracts and agreements.

ITC / Equity Performers & Stage Managers:

Minimum Weekly Salary£471.00£483.00
Commuting Costs Threshold: Where relocation is not being paid travel costs over this are repaid£24.00£24.60
Commuting Costs Ceiling: Maximum payable per week, above the thresholdIn London £123.25 Outside London £100In London £126.25 Outside London £102.50
Relocation: This is the maximum weekly allowance/reimbursement for those living 25+ miles from home, when working at company base for up to first 16 weeks of the engagementIn London £123.25 Outside London £100In London £126.25 Outside London £102.50
Recommended Allowances on tour The Manager has the option to provide accommodation/meals, reimburse costs actually incurred or pay the allowances below
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member arranges hotel/B&B£39.00£40.00
Accommodation: Daily where Company Member stays with friends etc. (not own home)£12.30£12.60
Meals: Daily where breakfast is provided£17.40£17.80
Meals: Daily where breakfast is not provided£24.60£25.20
Weekly Touring Allowance: Payable where working full weeks at one venue to cover accommodation and meals£297.00£304.50

ITC / Equity Directors:

Preparatory Fee: Full length play£1,541.00£1579.50
Preparatory Fee: Short play£1,066.00£1093.00
Rehearsals: Weekly payment£471.00£483.00
Artistic/ Resident Directors: Weekly pay for all duties£573.00£587.00

ITC / Equity Designers:

Design fee£2,582.00£2,646.50
Making: Weekly fee for building set and other duties£505.75£518.50

ITC / Equity Choreographers:

Preparation & up to 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Minimum Fee£1,904.00£1,951.50
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Weekly Fee£471.00£483.00
More than 2 weeks’ rehearsal: Daily Rate£153.00£157.00
Session Rate (max. 3 hours)£98.50£101.00

ITC / Equity Fight Directors:

Session rate£88.50£90.75

ITC /WGGB: Writers

Full length play£8,952.00£9,176.00
Play under 70 minutes in length£5,961.00£6,110.00
Play under 30 minutes in length£2,981.00£3,056.00
Minimum royalty (Clause I 7.2)£60.60£62.10
Royalty threshold (Clause 11 A.3)£60,299.00£61,807.00
Meal Allowance (Clause II A.4c)£17.30£17.75
Management Participation Threshold (Clause II A.5)£34,435.00£35,296.00
Additional day rate (Clause II B.2vii)£65.00£66.65
Pre/post show discussions (Clause II B.2xi)£65.00£66.65
Option purchase (Clause II.C.4b)Exclusive rights after 1st year:
Exclusive rights after 1st year:
Non-exclusive after 2nd year: £173.00Non-exclusive after 2nd year:

ITC / Unite: Administrators

Minimum Weekly Salary£471.00£483.00

Recording by Broadcasting Companies

**2018-20 rates TBC*

Equity has agreed minimum conditions with broadcasters for News/ Magazine programmes:

  • All Company Members involved in making the recording must have given prior consent (whether or not they are included in the broadcast extracts).
  • Payments are the responsibility of the programme company, and should be agreed before recording is allowed (minimum rates set out below).
  • Recordings must not be made in the presence of a paying audience.
  • These arrangements do not apply to video, DVD/CD etc recordings for commercial use. Such recordings should be negotiated via Equity.

News Access (News Bulletins. News Items in News Magazines) ^^

Up to 2 minutesNo paymentNo paymentNo paymentNo payment
Over two minutes£34.20£27.79£29.00£24.40
^^ Includes regional news programmes

Magazines, Features & Documentary Programmes

Up to 3 minutes£51.30£43.00£43.00£38.90
Between 3 and 5 minutes£78.10£66.00£66.00£85.50
Up to 10 minutes£603.00N/A£220.00N/A
Max call time (incl travel time)3 hours3 hours3 hours

Consultation: Paisley Youth Arts Festival

The Paisley Youth Arts Festival idea is one of those magical community driven initiatives that brings together passionate actors and young minds to create one of the most genuine experiences and maybe, shape some of their future life decisions. We want to bring this atmosphere to life: a happy end of summer festival, jumping about, sitting in cafes, playing music and games, acting, taking part in workshops and seeing people fall in love with all things Paisley.

An independent arts consultation is taking place at
PACE Youth Theatre, on Monday 18 February 2019 at 6-8.30pm
The Wynd Centre, School Wynd Paisley PA1

The consultation will be to discuss a new YOUTH ARTS FESTIVAL for Paisley to take place mid-late September 2019. The festival is open to young people, under the age of 25, and will take place at various venues throughout Paisley. The programme will include: gaming, indoor activity and outdoor activity; workshops, pop-up events, theatre, music, film and dance.

The festival is being supported by arts leaders from:

• PACE Youth Theatre
• Erskine Music & Media Studios
• Brick Lane Studios
• Create Paisley
• Loud and Proud
• Renfrewshire Leisure
• Outspoken Arts Scotland

We are looking for collaborators, acts, youth workers, potential sponsors and partner organisations to take part in the event.

All local organisations and interested individuals are invited to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Refreshments will be served. 6-6.30pm

Note: Certified and accredited youth leaders from partner organisations will co-host the event.
Parents are welcome to attend as chaperones if they wish.
Facilities for the disabled are provided.

There will be a media photo opportunity during the consultation event.


CashBack for Creativity Open Fund

Applications now open for the CashBack for Creativity Open Fund. Apply for up to £10k to support creative learning opportunities for targeted young people. One deadline in 2019 – 25 January 2019

CashBack for Creativity – Open Fund 
Round Three – 2019/20

Delivered in partnership with YouthLink Scotland, the Open Fund is a strand of Creative Scotland’s CashBack for Creativity programme.

The CashBack for Creativity Open Fund will support organisations seeking small amounts of funding so that they can deliver creative activity to young people – primarily those young people living in deprived communities and who have traditionally found it hardest to access such creative opportunities.

We would like to see applications for projects that provide opportunities to as many young people as possible, should be fun, engaging and accessible. Projects will be expected to engage young people in a short-term project that builds their confidence, self-esteem, and enhances their wellbeing. 

Applicant organisations can apply for funding of up to £10k, to deliver up to 12 months of creative activity to young people aged 10-24

Round Three April 2019 – February 2020
* Applications open November 26 2018
* Application deadline January 25 2019.
* Projects to be completed and reports submitted by the end of March 2020.
* Total Budget for this round of funding will be around £300k

Local Authority priority areas:

The Open Fund seeks to reach all Local Authorities in Scotland. However for this final round of the fund we are particularly interested in receiving applications from the following areas:

* Angus
* Argyll and Bute
* East Dunbartonshire
* Orkney
* Perth and Kinross
* South Ayrshire
* South Lanarkshire

For more information, go to

Location: All Scotland

For further information, please contact (, or visit

The deadline is Friday 25 January 2019 at 13:00.

Call For Entries: The Pride Plays

The Pride Plays are looking for submissions of plays from writers who identify as LGBTQI+. The plays will be performed as part of LGBT History Month Scotland at the Traverse Theatre in February 2019.

As part of LGBT History Month Scotland (February 2019), we are hosting The Pride Plays – 3 evenings of originally written plays by LGBTQI+ writers at the Traverse Theatre.

The plays will be rehearsed in the space during the day and, each night (over the 21/22/23 February 2019), two plays will be performed, as a rehearsed reading, in Traverse 2. The plays will then be followed by a post-show discussion led by the director and playwright.

The Pride Plays will give people who identify as LGBTQI+ a platform for their voices to be heard in Scottish theatre as well as building the amount of plays written by LGBT+ people in Scotland. We want to give the stage to voices of a community who currently feel under represented in Scottish theatre.

So, we are looking for 6 new plays from people who identify as LGBTQI+.

Writers brief:
• Originally written play (a draft of the play you’d like to develop)
• 45-55 minutes in length

The writers of the 6 chosen plays will be invited to a development day in January, where an established playwright and representatives from LGBTQI+ organisations will provide feedback and support on the texts.

This opportunity is intended to provide development time and support for emerging LGBTQI+ writers. Writers will receive a fee for the development day. All rights will remain with the playwright.

Please email scripts to by 14 December 2018. All scripts received will be read anonymously. Please ensure that your name and contact details are not on the script itself, and that your play is formatted with page numbers and cast list.

The theme for LGBT History Month Scotland 2019 is CATALYST: 50 Years of activism. This is to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings in New York, and to look at people or events that have been “catalysts” for change over those decades. Please feel free to respond to this theme, however there is no need to be restricted by it – above all, the Pride Plays are about giving LGBTQI+ voices a platform to tell the stories that they have to tell.

If you have any questions, please contact

Location: All Scotland

For further information, please contact (Connel Burnett & Sarah Masson),

The deadline is Friday 14 December 2018 at 23:55.

(Via Creative Scotland)

Call for Creative Volunteers

We are on the lookout for new volunteers interested in making creative work themed around mental health topics for a readership of 18-25 year-olds.

We particularly need more volunteers creating visual work that translates well to screen; this opportunity may suit amateur or beginner illustrators, photographers, cartoonists and graphic design enthusiasts who believe in feminism, creativity, social enterprise initiatives and would like to share their work and become part of a community supporting and forging positive social change.

About Fearless Femme:
Fearless Femme is a social enterprise based in Scotland and it’s taking a sledgehammer to the systemic problems around recognising and constructively addressing mental ill-health, particularly among young female and non-binary people.

Fearless Femme is mostly commonly met through our website which speaks directly to our target audience, letting them know they are not alone and that it’s ok to be exactly themselves. We also produce a digital magazine for subscribers on a not-for-profit basis as well as conducting research on mental health challenges and policies to define how the social context around mental health for young people can be improved. Written, designed, organised and edited by a part-time team of people in different stages of being affected by and recovering from mental illness, Fearless Femme has struck a chord (and a nerve) with those in society who care deeply about the impact of poor mental health.

What we are looking for:
This is an opportunity for young people who are interested in social causes, specifically mental health affecting young people.

Benefits of volunteering with Fearless Femme:
You will gain experience in working with a team empowering young women and people identifying as non-binary to overcome mental health problems through breaking down mental-health stigma and offering positive connections and resilience in its place. You will also be able to enhance your knowledge of the creative arts and your talent, and you will join a creative community connected for a social purpose with opportunities to explore new connections and collaborations with other creatives. Your creative work will be showcased to up to 10,000 website viewers monthly and you will gain experience with developing ideas, the editing process and taking active part in the discourse around mental health, publishing and equality topics, all in a supportive, nurturing context.

Voluntary commitments:
Your volunteering period starts and ends when you wish. Fearless Femme doesn’t stipulate any minimum period or time for volunteering with us.

Location: All Scotland ,England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

For further information, please contact or visit

The deadline is Monday 31 December 2018 at 23:45.

(Via Creative Scotland)