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Artistic Policy


Outspoken Arts Scotland features year round and seasonal work by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender artists and communities. As a diverse community of activists we are currently interested in work which references cutting edge social issues such as LGBT asylum, trans visibility, LGBT ageing and care. We wish to focus on the development of new voices and women writers, LGBT ethnicity in the visual arts in Scotland, explores stereotypes in contemporary literature and fiction. We wish to create genuine professional opportunities for the work of LGBT artists to be enjoyed by wider audiences across Scotland.

“the achievement and celebration of equality through the arts with a particular emphasis on the lives, work, and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex communities. We wish to engage, advocate, and work with people from diverse communities and we will do this by promoting, presenting, and producing social, cultural and educational activities.”

Who it is for

We represent queer communities in their broadest sense. We recognise that LGBT equality, equal and human rights are now very much the focus of mainstream society, civic and organisational culture and that LGBT identities must play an increasingly influential role in this. Yet we also recognise that LGBT peoples have sometimes come from the margins of society where they have felt less than accepted, sometimes abused and neglected. That often informs their work, their attitudes and their interests.

Our Strategy

  • to bridge the gaps between the different tribes, behaviours and create intersections between the places of queer activity and interest.

How we will do this

  • We work with an informal collective of programmers and curators.
  • We are interested in radical, independent, activist, counter-cultural voices.
  • We aim to embody practice that engages and encourages reflection on what unites people.
  • We want our organisation to be a reflection of the work artists wish to make matched alongside the needs of partners’ organisations and wider audiences.
  • We want to be seen as multi-generational.
  • We wish to curate programmes which create art, develop community, and build a sense of identity and solidarity.
  • We wish to support emergent artists at the start of their career, established artists who have made new work, and afford opportunities to foreground new trends, new scenes and new movements.

This is an extract of our mission, vision and programme aims.  For further information please refer enquiries to our office.  contact@outspokenarts.org




Posted: 28/01/2016


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