Annual Report

Year: 2020-2021

In 2020/21 the Companys’ activities were severely affect by the Corona virus pandemic. Many planned projects were delayed from March 2020 till Spring 2021. During this lockdown period the company raised over £135k of funds to ride out the period of difficulty and re-schedule its programme. It carried out writing commissions of new work for theatre, visual arts workshops, community murals and the development of a new gallery space. The small staff team worked from home and carried out a year-long engagement programme with artists and partner organisations. The charity is supported by Creative Scotland, Renfrewshire Council and a host of donors and sponsors.

In the year we carried out the following engagement activities:

  • Meetings: 357
  • Participants: 2,188
  • Hours: 785

20% of our activities were administrative and organisational

39% involved external engagement

41% artistic programme activity with artists


Combined following 53,519 – across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Issuu, Mailchimp, Website.

Total Reach: 1,547,285

Employed & Engaged: 30 artists + 12 volunteers

Projects supported in the year: